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Awesome Accessories For Your Spa

Create Your Own Mood with a Stereo Cd player
and our custom hide away Pop-up Speakers. Stereo & speakers


Spa Caddy
Spa Caddy

Spa Caddy II
Spa Caddy II


Fish Hook
Length: 24 inches

Quack Rack
Length: 24 inches

Can be orderd with a Pitcher, Wine Bucket and/or Wine Holder

pop-up Stereo Cd player speakers
These are some of the pop-up speakers that come with your spa when you order an optional Stereo Cd player.

12v STARburst Lamp
STARburst Lamp
10 dramatic lighting modes saturate your spa in rich colors.

ColorGlo 12v L.E.D. upgrade lamp
ColorGlo L.E.D. Light Kit
What a dynamic lighting system. A must have for every spa!

CD Sound System w/ 2 Pop-up Speakers $895.50 
2-Way Chl/Brom test kit $7.50 
OTO Yellow $1.50 
Ph Red $1.50 
Insparation Fragrance, 8oz. bottle $8.50 
EsScents Fragrance, 8oz. bottle $8.50 
Thermometer (Flt & Hng) $8.50 
Scumbags $6.00 
Skimmer Net $15.00 
Bromine Float $12.50 
Leisure Time Spa Mineral Purifier$32.00 
Spa Vac $64.00 
# 4950 Filter (50sq ft.) $42.50 
Sun Glass Ducks $7.50 
Regular Ducks $4.50 
Spa Caddy$69.00 
Spa Caddy II$65.00 
Fish Hook Towel Rack$28.00 
Quack Rack Towel Rack$28.00 
Scum Balls$12.00 
4 way Test Strips, 50 strips $8.50

9 Ft. Wide Spa Umbrella w/ Stand
Black Metal Handrail
Safety Hand Rail
Safety Rail
Length: 48"
Width: 16"

Adjustable Towel Bar
Towel Rack
Length: 16"
Width: 10"
DuraStep, Maintenance Free
Width: 34"
Depth: 11"
Rock Solid, Tested up to 1000 lbs.

Premium Weighted Pillow>
Blue, White, Gray, or Black

Acrylic Beverage Holder, Cups and Ice Bucket
Beverage Holder
This color coded Beverage Holder keeps your ice and drinks tucked away at the corner of your spa.
Inspiration Fragrance
8oz. bottle
See above

STARburst 12v multicolor lamp upgrade.


ColorGlo L.E.D. multicolor light. Simple to install in any spa.


Affordable Wood Products to accessorize your spa.
Redwood Steps, with handrail $90.00  
Super Redwood Steps $125.00  
Redwood Basic Steps, no handrail $78.00  
Redwood Bar Stools $45.00  
Redwood Robe Stand, 30" tall $62.00  
Redwood Robe Stand, 60" tall $76.00  

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