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Affordable Spas and Hot Tubs
7'3" x 5'1", 33" Deep

Imperial, click for equipment info

7'3" x 5'1", 33" Deep

Cyclone, click for equipment info

You save thousands of dollars when you cut out the middle man by buying factory/distributor direct.
We will help to arrange the shipping and we won't mark up the freight costs as local dealers do. Your spa will be insured by the freight company against shipping damage.

There are a couple things you need to do on your end to get ready for your new spa.
You need a strong level surface to securely rest your spa. With up to 2000 gallons, your spa could weigh as much as 20,000 lbs. when full. Consult a contractor regarding your zoning requirements if applicable. They can advise you on strong and safe deck or cement slab construction options.

(II) You will need a licensed electrician to install up to a 60 amp 220 volt GFI breaker and connect a four-wire power line to the equipment control box.

(III) Finally, getting the spa off the truck and to its foundation is your job too. Check your yellow pages for local movers or crane operators. Many home moving companies are experienced in moving spas too. The freight company will assist you with scheduling the arrival time so that your movers can meet them. The driver will not move the spa.

(IV) Inspect your spa before moving it. Note any damage in writing on the bill of lading and call us immediately.

so we can provide you with more information.