Ordering your Cover

Instructions: Because it's important to get the correct fit, please follow these instructions. Fill out the form below, and print. Then click on your type of spa. You will be directed to a full size picture that you can print YOUR dimensions on. You may order your cover on-line, but we will need this form faxed to: (303) 202-2002 in order to process your order. A representative will call you to confirm your order and the spa cover dimentions.

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Order Number:
Cover Color:
Approximate COD Cost to your State:
Brown Rust Beige Tan Burgandy Pearl Jade Gray Federal Blue Teal Ash Gray Navy Blue Light Blue

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Please click on your spa shape below, you will be directed to a larger blow up picture with spaces you can print your specific measurements on.
cvdimsm01.gif - 934 Bytes
cvdimsm02.gif - 987 Bytes
Rounded Square
cvdimsm03.gif - 1309 Bytes
cvdimsm04.gif - 986 Bytes
cvdimsm05.gif - 991 Bytes
cvdimsm06.gif - 950 Bytes
One Cut Corner
cvdimsm07.gif - 983 Bytes
Two Cut Corner
cvdimsm08.gif - 1025 Bytes
Swim Spa/Stretch Octagon
cvdimsm09.gif - 949 Bytes
Cut Corner
cvdimsm10.gif - 999 Bytes

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