Cover Accessories

E-Z Lifter

The E-Z Lifter raises and stores your spa cover with ease and convenience. After all, you want to relax in your spa not wrestle with your spa cover. The E-Z Lifter is the affordable spa cover accessory you can depend on.
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Replacement Cover Locks

Broken cover locks? Missing Keys? This affordable replacement lock set comes complete with four locks and four keys.

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Patch Kit

From pinholes to small tears, the Patch Kit can help extend the life of your spa cover. Just a drop of sealant can prevent a pinhole from becoming a problem. Comes in all 13 cover colors and includes patches to repair small tears in an instant.

Your choice of colors!
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Heavy-Duty Wind Strap

Standard cover locks may not be strong enough to keep your spa cover secure during heavy winds. This 2" wide, weather resistant, nylon webbing, Heavy-Duty Wind Strap with stainless steel hardware is easy to install on any wooden spa cabinet and will last for years.

Your choice of colors!

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