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Just pennies a day to operate.
TheraSaunatm uses a high-tech ceramic infrared Thera-Mittertm which has a radiant efficiency of 96% - the highest efficiency available. Other saunas use metal sheathed tublar radiant heaters with a radiant efficiency of only 50%.

TheraSaunas tm are the most economical and convenient saunas to operate. TheraSaunastm Thera-Mitterstm come to full output in 5-6 minutes, unlike conventional saunas that take 30 to 60 minutes to heat up. A 30 minute session in a TheraSaunatm costs only pennies in electricity.

Ceramic Thera-Mitterstm absorb and maintain radiant heat to exacting temperatures and have a long operating life of over 10,000 plus hours.

Metamorphing color change of ceramic Thera-Mitterstm provides visible indication of operation.

96% efficienty saves money and extends life.

Inside control only available on 2 & 4 person saunas.
TheraSaunatm requires no special wiring, and plugs into any standard 15 or 20 amp 120-volt wall outlet.

For your convenience, TheraSaunatm incorporates two solid state electronic, digital push button control panels (2 & 4 Person models only) for precise temperature control with an electronic timer - one on the outside and another on the inside of the sauna. These state-of-the-art control systems are heat, humidity and water resistant.

TheraSaunatm has a deeper, more comfortable seat and a spacious interior with built-in stereo speakers that plug into your own music system (2 & 4 person models only).

Built with Non-Toxic Wood
TheraSaunatm Portable units are handcrafted of 100% clear, non-toxic Sitka wood for years of durability and lasting beauty. Other saunas are made of Cedar and Redwood that contain a volatile oil called Cedrene. When Cedar, Redwood or Poplar is heated it creates toxic gases that are inhaled and absorbed by the skin.

TheraSaunatm non-toxic wood is grown in Canada and Alaska. It's one of only a few woods that give off little or no toxins.

Built with non-toxic Sitka wood.

Grown in Alaska & Canada for TheraSauna.

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